Team 10 (2018-2019)

Alondra Almader (Team 10, 11)
Alondra served SPIRITUS for 2 years! She returned to Oklahoma and is the Coordinator of Youth and Young Adults at St. Pius X in Tulsa. She is engaged to Phillip and they are getting married in July!
Phillip Griffith
While Phillip's love for Wisconsin is strong, he decided to move to Tulsa to finish getting his degree. He is engaged to Alondra from teams 10 and 11 and they are getting married in July!

Julia Hernandez
Julia returned to her home state and is a teacher at Hutto Middle School in Bainbridge, Georgia.

Lucas Holt
Lucas decided to stay in Wisconsin and now works with Relevant Radio in Green Bay. He and Gina, also from Team 10, are married!

Heather Kealhofer (Team 10, 11)
Heather served SPIRITUS for 2 years! She loved Wisconsin so much she decided to stay after her time on SPIRITUS. She is now a Crew Scheduler for Air Wisconsin Airlines.

Katie Krantz
Katie has decided to come back for SPIRITUS Team 13 and share her bubbly joy with all the students on retreat!

René Martínez (Team 8, 9, 10)
René has a great love for the Lord and the Blessed Mother and continues to share that with everyone he meets!

Gabriel Ogle (Team 8, 10, 11)
Gabriel served SPIRITUS for 3 years! After his time as a missionary, he returned to Marquette, Michigan to continue his studies.

Scott Peters
Scott's love for Christ and for helping others has led him to become a servant of the Lord at Change A Heart Franciscan Volunteer Program.

Gina (Rosso) Holt
Gina is continuing to brave the cold of Wisconsin and took a job as the Faith Formation and Youth Ministry Coordinator at St. Bernadette Parish in Appleton. She and Lucas, from Team 10, are married!

Toni Rudiger (Team 9, 10)
Toni served SPIRITUS for 2 years! Toni is in her home state of Wisconsin and is discerning God's path for her.

Megan Seamann (Team 10, 11)
Megan served SPIRITUS for 2 years! She is now the Communications Associate at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Gretna, Nebraska.

Kenny Snider
Kenny is back in Kansas loving the Lord!

Megan Thieme
Megan returned to Indiana and works as an Infant Specialist at Center for Young Children in Indianapolis.

Amanda Van Der Linden
Amanda returned to California and is working in Youth Ministry at St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Church in Winchester.