Team 11 (2019-2020)

Alondra Almader (Team 10, 11)
Alondra served SPIRITUS for 2 years! She returned to Oklahoma and is the Coordinator of Youth and Young Adults at St. Pius X in Tulsa. She is engaged to Phillip and they are getting married in July!
Abbie Arribe (Team 11, 12)
Abbie served SPIRITUS for 2 years! She's is such a great asset to SPIRITUS that she has decided to stay working at the Mount Tabor Center as a staff member.

Desiree Barron
After her time serving with SPIRITUS (and beating cancer!), Desiree entered formation with the Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco!

Andy Chmura
Even though Andy is a huge Michigan State fan, he decided to stay in Badger country. Andy is now the Missionary Discipleship Coordinator for Families and Youth at St. Thomas More Parish in Appleton.

Joe Hinshaw (Team 11, 12)
Joe served SPIRITUS for 2 years! He staying in the area and putting his experience of youth ministry into practice as the Coordinator of Youth Ministry and Stewardship Coordinator at St. Nicholas in Freedom, WI.

Andrew Hollands
Andrew head back to the West Coast and is the Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult Ministry at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Vancouver, WA.

Claire Kalaus
As a local gal, Claire decided to stay in the area and is now the Children's Sacrament and Education Coordinator at Sacred Heart and St. Bernadette Parishes in Appleton.

Collin Killoren
Collin has decided to stay around the area after SPIRITUS and is continuing to deepen his relationship with God and share God's love with others!

Alex Lupercio (Team 11, 12)
Alex served SPIRITUS for 2 years! His passion for youth ministry is leading him to seek opportunities to continue to help young people encounter the Lord.

Christina Marchel
Christina is engaged and is getting married in September 2021!

Gabriel Ogle
Gabriel served SPIRITUS for 3 years! After his time as a missionary, he returned to Marquette, Michigan to continue his studies.

Kelsey Overland
After spending a few years as a full-time missionary, Kelsey decided to finish her degree at Ave Maria University in Florida.

Ali Prekker
Ali returned back to her home state of Minnesota and is continuing to help kids through her role in the local school system.

Megan Seamann (Team 10, 11)
Megan served SPIRITUS for 2 years! She is now the Communications Associate at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Gretna, Nebraska.