Team 5 (2013-2014)

Jared Cunio (Team 3, 4, 5)
Jared served SPIRITUS for 3 years! He completed his Master's in Theology and is now a high school chemistry teacher in Tampa, Florida.

Julie Escobar (Team 4, 5)
Julie served SPIRITUS for 2 years! She finished her master's in Education and teaches first grade in Memphis, Tennessee.

Kristine (Dahlman) Hatmaker
Kristine married Dennis Hatmaker and lives in Michigan with Dennis and their two children.

Dennis Hatmaker
Dennis lives in Michigan and self-describes his job position as a "senior self-employed automobile purchasing executive, disassembly/assembly technician, sales associate and logistical engineer." He lives in Michigan with his wife, Kristine, and two children.

Robbie Jennings (Team 4, 5, 6)
Robbie served SPIRITUS for 3 years! He is currently the Campus Minister at St. Isidore's Catholic Student Center at Kansas State University.
Michelle (Jacobs) Klein
Michelle is married and is living on a farm in Michigan with her husband, John, and two daughters.

Melissa LaNeve
Melissa received her Master's in Theology and is now the Director of Campus Ministry at Anna Maria College in Massachusetts.

Eric Rudd
Eric is using his gifts in evangelization as the Director of Ministry at St. Mary Catholic Schools in Neenah. He and his wife, Sarah, live in the Fox Valley.

Kate Ruth (Team 4, 5)
Kate served SPIRITUS for 2 years! She is now the Youth Minister and middle school religion teacher at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Shawano, Wisconsin.

Michael Servis (Team 4, 5)
Michael served SPIRITUS for 2 years! He is now in Arkansas, where he is close to family, and is substitute teaching.

Emily Shackleton (Team 5, 6)
Emily served SPIRITUS for 2 years! She is the coordinator of pre-K through 5th grade faith formation at St. Thomas More Parish in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Noah Simmons
Noah Simmons wrote a book with his dad called "It Is You." Check it out! He currently lives in Spokane, WA where he works in home construction.

Michelle (Sneed) Ismert (Team 5, 6)
Michelle served SPIRITUS for 2 years! She is now married and lives with her husband, Martin,  and daughter, Josephine, in Kansas City, MO.

Rachel Van Handel (Team 4, 5, 6)
Rachel served SPIRITUS for 3 years! She received her master's in Theology from the Augustine Institute and is now back at Mount Tabor Center as the Discipleship Coordinator.