Team 6 (2014-2015)

Katie (Beaubien) Franchini
Katie moved back to her home state of Oregon after SPIRITUS to continue to spread the love of Jesus with others as she works in youth ministry. She is engaged and getting married soon!

Layne Behncke
Layne couldn't stay away from her home state of warm, sunny Florida! She now works in Youth and Young Adult Ministry at Resurrection Catholic Church and St. Joseph Catholic Church in Lakeland, Florida.

Scott Dimler
Scott is married to Lauren! He is also the Youth Minister at Cathedral of San Carlos Borromeo in Monterey, California.

Angie Hall
Angie earned her master's in Theology through the Notre Dame ECHO program. She recently got married to Ross and is loving the married life!

Robbie Jennings (Team 4, 5, 6)
Robbie served SPIRITUS for 3 years! He is currently the Campus Minister at St. Isidore's Catholic Student Center at Kansas State University.
Sherry Li
After SPIRITUS, Sherry returned to her home state of Utah!
Arthur Richardson (Team 6, 7)
Arthur served SPIRITUS for 2 years! He currently lives in Michigan with his wife, Gabby.
Sam Shackelford
Sam lives in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, with his wife, Dana, and two children.

Emily Shackleton (Team 5, 6)
Emily served SPIRITUS for 2 years! She is the coordinator of pre-K through 5th grade faith formation at St. Thomas More Parish in Appleton, Wisconsin.
Michelle (Sneed) Ismert (Team 5, 6)
Michelle served SPIRITUS for 2 years! She is now married and lives with her husband and daughter in Kansas City, MO.

Aaron Strauss
Aaron earned his CDC license and is traveling the country in his 18-wheeler! He is engaged and getting married in 2021!

Br. John Francis (Mitch) Thomson (Team 6, 7)
Mitch is currently in New York spreading the love of the Lord. He recently entered the Novitiate with the Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal!

Rachel Van Handel (Team 4, 5, 6)
Rachel served SPIRITUS for 3 years! She received her master's in Theology from the Augustine Institute and is now back at Mount Tabor Center as the Discipleship Coordinator.

Elizabeth Verges
Elizabeth continues to love the outdoors and will never turn down a trip to climb a mountain!

Andy Wareham
Andy Wareham married Chelsea Verges and lives in Appleton, Wisconsin with Chelsea and their two sons.

Chelsea (Verges) Wareham
Chelsea married Andy Wareham. She lives in Appleton, Wisconsin with Andy and their two sons and is the Coordinator of Music at St. Gabriel Parish in Neenah.