Finding Hope invites students to encounter Christ as a source of hope at all times, even amid suffering. On this retreat, the youth will gain concrete ways to live in hope throughout their daily lives. Then, they will be encouraged and shown how to share this hope with others. The following are descriptions of the essential sessions included in our Finding Hope retreat, followed by additional optional sessions to enhance your retreat experience.

Essential Sessions:


Welcome / Opening Prayer & Praise / Ice Breakers (15-30 minutes)

Participants meet the SPIRITUS team and are introduced to the retreat experience.

Activity: Retreat attendees participate in an icebreaker activity to feel comfortable with the team and each other.

Methods and Processing: Large group participation


Thirsting for Happiness  (60 minutes)

Challenge: Sometimes it is a challenge for us to remember that God is our only source of true happiness and that only He can fill the void in our lives. This session examines sources of happiness and deals with the concept that in order to gain a lasting and authentic happiness, we need to develop a relationship with the Lord.

Activity: Students are divided into groups and are allowed to pick from scattered pictures of items or experiences that they think will make them happy. After they are done picking, they discuss their reasons for picking what they did and process why they made those choices and whether their picks will truly make them happy.
Methods and Processing: Hunt for Happiness Challenge, movie clip, teaching, witness talk and small group processing

Finding Hope Amid Suffering (60 minutes)

Challenge: One of our biggest challenges is trying to maintain hope amid suffering. In this session, students are shown that true happiness does not mean we will never experience suffering and that we can still be hopeful even during trying times.

Activity: Participants encounter Jesus through guided meditation and share their thoughts, concerns and questions with Him.

Methods and Processing: Drama, teaching, witness talk, small group sharing and guided meditation


Living in Hope (55 minutes)

Challenge: Sometimes the most challenging part of finding hope in Jesus is trusting in Him. This session equips students with ways to live in hope by teaching that we need to have a relationship with Jesus and to continue to get to know Him in order to trust that He is always walking with us.
Activity: Each retreat attendee will experience one-on-one prayer with a SPIRITUS team member to help them hand over their struggles to Christ.
Methods and Processing: Witness talk, teaching, and one-on-one prayer experience


Helping Others Find Hope (60 minutes) 

Challenge: Sometimes it is a challenge to help the people in our lives when they are suffering or struggling. In this session, students will be empowered to help others who are seeking hope.

Activity: Students participate in a Hope Challenge in which they are blindfolded and put in a maze made out of ropes that they need to escape from. They then process the experience.
Methods and Processing: Hope Challenge, witness talk, and small group sharing


Retreat Closing Prayer and Praise (15 min)

Participants reflect on the retreat and the presence of God’s loving guidance in their lives through prayer and praise.

Activity: SPIRITUS team leads group in prayer and praise.

Methods and Processing: Large group participation



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