SPIRITUS Missionary Justin Seidleck was a project manager at a successful firm in Washington D.C. when he heard the Lord’s call. Despite an exciting life in the nation’s capital, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. 

“I had a hole in my heart,” Justin said, “and it took coming to SPIRITUS for me to realize that the hole was my longing for Jesus Christ.” 

This longing led Justin to SPIRITUS Ministries at the Mount Tabor Center in Menasha. In August, Justin joined 12 other young adults from throughout the United States in devoting nine months of their lives to serving Wisconsin's Catholic youth through school retreats, parish youth ministry, and other discipleship ministries. 

A lifelong Catholic, Justin’s faith wasn’t something he often discussed with those outside of his friends and family. After arriving at SPIRITUS, he asked God for the courage to proclaim the Gospel without fear, and soon found that his prayers had been answered. Justin has flourished as a missionary disciple, helping hundreds of youth grow closer to God by sharing his own witness of God’s love with them.  

“I felt like I was given the grace to have the confidence to go out and speak about the faith, about how it has impacted my life and other people’s lives.” 

Helping young Catholics encounter the Lord, Justin said, has been a blessing. Whether it be with Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Milwaukee, Holy Family Parish in Brillion, or St. Joseph Parish in Kellnersville, Justin says that each retreat has had a visible impact on the youth. 

“Seeing the kids open up and be happy, even though we’ve only spent six hours together, it changes them in a positive way. Through the grace of God, it has been extremely fruitful to see the Holy Spirit working through me for them. It’s given me a fulfillment that I’ve never felt before, talking to these kids about Jesus, and that I’ve always been searching for.”

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Through the Grace of God

Justin's Story