Youth Ministry Internships

SPIRITUS is a unique ministry and offers many opportunities to build skills that will help you in future ministry positions. SPIRITUS Internships give missionaries the opportunity to develop practical skills for working in youth ministry.

As an intern, you will spend up to 10 hours a week working with students in parish youth ministry or high school campus ministry. You will receive mentoring throughout your internship to guide and strengthen your efforts and help land you in a future youth ministry job.


You will learn how to:

  • Implement a comprehensive youth ministry program

  • Engage and call youth & adults into the ministry

  • Plan, organize and execute programming for the year

  • Present spiritual programs and retreats in dynamic ways

  • Successfully collaborate with a parish staff

  • Facilitate meetings and small groups effectively

  • Disciple youth into the mission of Jesus 

"You are called to do your part in the task of evangelization."  

~Saint John Paul II 

How do I apply to be a Youth Ministry Intern?

To become a SPIRITUS intern, select that you are interested in being considered for an internship on the SPIRITUS application. Once you are accepted as a SPIRITUS missionary, an additional interview will determine your acceptance and placement in a parish or school internship.

Contact us for more information about

becoming a SPIRITUS Missionary.


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“ My experience with SPIRITUS has boosted my own spiritual life along with increasing a desire for other people to know God.”


—  Mark, Teams 2, 3 & 4