Shining Through Communion

The Shining Through Communion retreat teaches students about the Eucharist and prepares them to receive Jesus and to share Him with others.


Welcome / Opening Prayer & Praise / Ice Breakers (15-30 minutes)

Participants are introduced to the retreat experience through prayer and fun as they get to know the SPIRITUS team and each other.

Activity: Retreat attendees participate in an ice breaker activity to feel comfortable with the team and each other.

Methods and Processing: Large group participation

Bread from Heaven (60 minutes) (Bread Making Activity)

Shine Goal: This session helps students understand the importance of bread and how, throughout history, God has always provided for His people and that still does today.

Activity: Students bake bread and discuss the importance of each person’s participation in the Church.

Methods and Processing: Teaching, Video clip: Prince of Egypt, storytelling and Bread Making activity

The Gift of Jesus (45 minutes) (Do You Believe It? Activity)

Shine Goal: This session helps students understand that the bread and wine become the body and blood of Jesus.

Activity: Students share their beliefs by playing a board game.
Methods and Processing: Large group processing, mini-reenactment of Last Supper, witness talk and Do You Believe It? activity


Receiving Jesus & Sharing Him with Others (45 minutes) (Spiritual Bank)

Shine Goal: This session helps participants prepare for receiving the Eucharist by hearing how we become different when we receive Jesus and by learning how we can share Jesus with others.

Activity: Students decorate a bank and receive paper coins with tasks on them to complete and add to their spiritual bank each week.

Methods and Processing: Witness talk, songs, teaching, small group brainstorming, Spiritual Bank activity and prayer

Retreat Closing Prayer and Praise (15 min)

Participants reflect on the retreat and the presence of God’s loving guidance in their lives through prayer and praise.

Activity: SPIRITUS team leads the group in prayer and praise.

Methods and Processing: Large group participation


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