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Please know that we are praying for you as you prepare for a grace-filled adventure as a SPIRITUS missionary. To prepare for your mission year, please look over these items and complete them by the date requested. 

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Priority Items to be Completed by July 31, 2024:

Mandated Reporter

  1. The first prompt asks for your reporting affiliation.

  2. Click "clergy" as you are a ministry professional.  Training takes 30-60 minutes. 

  3. Save the certificate issued at the end and email it to Jenn Wood as proof of your attendance. 


NOTE - you cannot save your place in this training.  You need to do it all in one sitting and email the certificate immediately or you will have to retake it..

VIRTUS and Background Check

  1. If you have already completed a VIRTUS training (including a background check), please log into your account and email a copy of your certificate to Annette Hovie.

  2. If you have not already completed the training, Gina and Annette will be reaching out to you to do so.

  3. Contact Annette with any questions. 


  1. Please either submit all three completed payroll forms to Jackie Weninger or email her letting her know that you will bring them with you to SPIRITUS.

  2. Complete all highlighted sections.  (You will need to bring either a valid US Passport OR current Driver’s License AND Social Security card).

  3. Contact Jackie with any questions. 

Direct Deposit

I-9 Form

W-4 Form

Leading Up to Your Arrival
  1. Complete list of priority items

  2. Connect with us on social media! Share with your family and friends that you're going on mission! 

  3. Download the GroupMe app for team preparation communications.

  4. Read and familiarize yourself with the
    "Preparation Forms"

  5. Complete "Vacation Request Form". As soon as you know when you are taking your weekend vacation, (you have 2 days off plus 1 day for travel), please submit your form. Many of our weekends are already fully scheduled with retreats, so if you have particular days you need off, you need to request them early.

  6. Fill out the "Arrival Questionnaire" (will be available July 12)


Join us in prayer!

Prepare your heart and soul for team 16 using the prayer below! You will be praying this every morning while on mission.

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