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Youth Ministry Internships

SPIRITUS Interns are faith-filled young adults who inspire young Catholics to join the mission of Jesus. Interns will spend 10 hours a week, under your parish or school mentors, organizing and executing dynamic ministry to your youth. Strengthen your ministry with a SPIRITUS Intern!

Benefits for Your Parish or Campus

SPIRITUS Interns will:

  • Bring an enthusiastic presence and draw more youth into your ministries.

  • Assist the Youth/Campus Minister with weekly administrative duties and ministry events.

  • Develop and utilize social media to communicate with youth and parents.

  • Assist in leading faith formation programming.

  • Engage and disciple youth and young adults into a relationship with Jesus.

  • Model a desire for growing holiness for young Catholics.

Mount Tabor Center will: 

  • Recruit faith-filled interns for your ministry.

  • Provide a month of intensive training in retreats and parish/campus ministry.

  • Train interns how to engage and evangelize youth and young adults.

  • Provide bi-weekly formation classes.

  • Form interns in a strong prayer life including daily Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, praise and worship and Eucharistic Adoration.

  • Provide a community of interns who are striving for holiness.

  • Provide basic needs including food, health insurance, monthly allowance, and an ending stipend.

SPIRITUS Intern Costs

Per intern for 8 months of work in your parish or campus: 

Hours per week:          Cost:

  • 10 Hours                 $5,000

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