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Mount Tabor Center Facility Use Policy


Thank You

for choosing Mount Tabor Center for your gathering.  The center has a rich 65-year history as a convent and retreat house. We consider the center holy ground because so many people spent their lives in dedication to God and Jesus is present in our Eucharistic Chapel. You can feel God’s Spirit alive at Mount Tabor Center.

Facility Use

The mission of Mount Tabor Center is to be a retreat center rooted in the Gospels and Catholic traditions. Our ministry is dedicated to creating rich spiritual experiences in which youth and adults of all faiths are encouraged to encounter Jesus and respond in faith and love. Groups are welcome to use the facility for spiritual retreats or programs which Mount Tabor identifies as being consistent with our mission. Mount Tabor Center reserves the right to refuse facility usage by outside groups, and the decision to grant usage is at the discretion of the Director.


Mount Tabor Center staff and facility are here to serve you and meet your needs. We do ask that your group treat the staff, building, and grounds the way Christ would treat them. We desire to cultivate and maintain a Christian environment that enables our guests and our staff to glorify God.

Safe Environment

Mount Tabor Center follows the Safe Environment and Appropriate Conduct guidelines of the Diocese of Green Bay, which means chaperones must be Virtus trained or have equivalent training according to your diocesan guidelines. If you have a co-ed group who will be spending the night, you must have a minimum of one male and one female chaperone in attendance at all times.

Supervision of your Group

is the responsibility of your group’s leadership. Please do not remove or disassemble furniture from any of the rooms in the center. Your group will be expected to cover the cost of repair and/or will be charged an hourly rate of $25 for cleanup of damages your group incurs that are not part of normal wear.


is the responsibility of the group using the facility. We hope you will leave the facility and grounds in as good or better condition than when you arrived. Recycle bins for empty soda cans, plastic and glass containers are located in the kitchen. Cleaning supplies may be found in the kitchen closet. If you find something that needs our attention, please let us know so we can take care of it. Before you leave, please make sure all windows are closed and lights are turned off.

Food and drinks

are only allowed in the kitchen, dining room and game room areas. Please do not take food or drinks into any other rooms including the upstairs. Gluten-free bread along with peanut butter and jelly are available at every meal.  If the meal options provided do not meet dietary restrictions for someone in your group, feel free to bring food with you.  A kitchen is available for storing food items as well as for the use of kitchen appliances.

Smoking, alcoholic beverages,

tobacco, recreational drugs, guns, knives, weapons, fireworks and pets of any kind are not allowed anywhere on the premises.

Liability Insurance

Mount Tabor Center carries appropriate liability insurance for its operations. However, all medical bills incurred during your stay here due to injury or sickness are the responsibility of the individual or group’s insurance.

First Aid

is the responsibility of your group, including providing basic first aid for your participants. First Aid kits are located on top of the refrigerators in the kitchen.  Emergency services and transportation are available by dialing 911 (9-911 in the kitchen).

Cancellation Policy

We understand that unforeseen issues can arise with your scheduled retreat. Cancellations or significant changes in a retreat are difficult for all parties involved. We want to ensure that we provide the best possible retreat for your group, and significant changes can compromise the quality of your retreat. Cancellations and last minute changes are also costly because we are unable to reschedule another retreat group. The loss in revenue is especially difficult for Mount Tabor Center and the SPIRITUS ministry.


*The following policy is provided for those rare times when a retreat is canceled or changed significantly for any reasons other than weather.

Canceling Your Retreat

The following fee will be assessed for canceled retreats:

  • 46-60 days in advance the group is responsible for 25% of the total retreat cost

  • 31-45 days in advance the group is responsible for 60% of the total retreat cost

  • 30 days or less in advance the group is responsible for 100% of the total retreat cost

Significantly Changing Your Retreat

A $100 Adjustment Fee will be assessed when you make a significant change within 14 days to the start of your retreat.  Significant changes include:

  • Reducing the length of your retreat by four or more hours

  • Changing the number of students in attendance by five or more

  • Changing the location of your retreat from Mount Tabor Center to a new location

  • Changing the date of your retreat

Overnight Accommodations

If a parish is hosting consecutive retreats two days in a row and would like to host the team overnight, we ask that you also provide meals.  Separate accommodates for men and women are preferred.


Mount Tabor has permission to use retreat pictures and video to post on Mount Tabor's website.

Safe Environment

Each person has an inherent dignity as a beloved child of God.  The Diocese of Green Bay is committed to providing a safe environment in our parishes, in our schools, in our Faith Formation programs, and in all of our ministries, especially those that serve children, youth and individuals at risk.  If you want to learn more about the programs and resources available through the Diocese of Green Bay to live out this commitment, please click on the following link:

May God bless your travels to and from Mount Tabor Center

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