How is SPIRITUS different from other ministries?

SPIRITUS Missionaries: -Don't have to fundraise before coming on mission. -Receive a $175 monthly allowance -Receive a $3,000 stipend on completion of the mission time. -Receive weekly formation sessions by area bishops, priests, religious and lay leaders. -Meet with a spiritual director monthly. -Have daily contact with mentors that train missionaries in ministry and the spiritual life. -Are surrounded by a loving community that gives ongoing support in the mission.

Where is SPIRITUS Ministries based?

SPIRITUS is based out of Mount Tabor Center located in Menasha, WI.

I have never led a retreat before, can I still apply?

Retreat experience is not necessary, but it is helpful. It is necessary to have a love for God, the Catholic faith and for sharing that with young people. It is important to have a servant's heart and be open to the Holy Spirit guiding and forming you throughout the mission.

What is the time commitment?

Missionaries serve six days a week from mid-August through mid-May. Exact dates vary from year-to-year.

Do I have to be active in my parish or college ministry?

No, but you will need to be a practicing Catholic and provide a letter from your pastor that you are in good standing with the Church.

Do I have to fundraise?

Unlike many other missions, we do not ask you to fundraise before coming to SPIRITUS. Missionaries do assist by sharing the impact of their ministry with benefactors and at some parish Mass appeals.

What happens during training?

Your first week with SPIRITUS would entail going on retreat to center your love for the Trinity, strengthen foundations of faith, begin the life of a missionary, enter into the SPIRITUS prayer routine and build community with your fellow missionaries. The following two weeks you will be at Mount Tabor Center for intensive discipleship training. A variety of presenters come to educate, lead discussions and facilitate practice sessions. Throughout the mission you will continue learning and engaging new and relevant methods of discipleship.

What happens on a SPIRITUS-led retreat?

The retreats consist of ice breakers, praise music, witness talks, small groups, dramas, challenge activities and a wide variety of prayer opportunities.

Where will I live?

There are three housing facilities for the missionaries: one for men and two for women. All households are close proximity to Mount Tabor Center with all missionaries having their own room. The men live with two parish priests at a rectory nearby.

Is there transportation available to us?

SPIRITUS has a fleet of vehicles that are available for ministry needs. Those with SPIRITUS Internships must provide their own vehicle for transportation to their parish. Vehicles are occasionally available for personal use.

What does a SPIRITUS missionary's prayer life look like?

SPIRITUS prayer is founded in Christ and His presence in the Eucharist. Team members attend daily Mass as their schedule allows. The team prays morning and evening Liturgy of the Hours, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Rosary, one-on-one Prayer, Lectio Divina, Praise and Worship and Eucharistic Adoration. These forms of community prayer are foundational to the evangelization ministry and growing together in community.

Do you offer health insurance?

SPIRITUS provides each team member with medical insurance if they need it. Some team members choose to remain on their parents' insurance plans. Pre-existing conditions are excluded from the SPIRITUS health insurance plans.

Can I get a loan deferment?

We can provide you with a letter to send to your lender asking them to give you a deferment for the time you are serving as a SPIRITUS missionary.

Can I date while serving as a SPIRITUS Missionary?

SPIRITUS asks missionaries to make a commitment to refrain from romantic relationships during their time as a SPIRITUS Missionary. This dating fast is in place in order to help missionaries to fully invest in the mission and to be free to serve Christ with their whole heart. While a sacrifice, this commitment brings freedom and many other blessings.

Can I be a SPIRITUS Missionary and take college classes at the same time?

SPIRITUS missionaries are busy serving six days a week. This does not leave much time for other commitments and therefore, missionaries are unable to take college classes during their nine months on SPIRITUS. Missionaries receive formation each week which enables them to continue to grow intellectually.


"The Church needs you, your enthusiasm, your creativity

and the joy that is so characteristic of you." 

~ Pope Francis

“ My experience with SPIRITUS has boosted my own spiritual life along with increasing a desire for other people to know God.”


—  Mark, Teams 2, 3 & 4