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Witness Training

Equipping Catholics to share the Gospel.


Mike Iversen

Witness Trainer

As a former Protestant pastor who was powerfully converted, Mike understands the challenges that we face as Catholics from a unique perspective. He holds a Certificate in Youth Ministry and a Masters of Arts in Theology, has been a keynote speaker and has worked, spoken and taught in many diverse churches, diocese and states. 

Mike is passionate about leading others to Jesus and helping them encounter Him. He has been in full time ministry for over 17 years, and has taught hundreds of adults how to bring young people into a deeper relationship with Jesus and the Catholic Church. 

Witness training is for EVERYONE!

Witness training is designed to meet individuals where they are at in their faith, reflect on their own encounters with Jesus and learn how to confidently share those experiences with others.

Training Includes:

  • Understanding barriers to sharing faith and ways to overcome them 

  • Reasons why faith sharing is vital in our lives and growing the Church

  • A simple method to create personal witnesses of faith

  • Time to create a witness to share with family and friends

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