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Alumni Reunion Weekend

Friday - Sunday, May 17-19th

Celebrating 15 years of SPIRITUS!

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Weekend Overview

Alumni All-Teams Reunion

Mount Tabor Center, 6:30 - 9:00 pm

Socialize with your teammates where it all began.

Snacks, drinks and a few facilitated activities provided.

Rooms Available

Starting Friday, rooms will be available at the Mount Tabor Center for those traveling from out of town


*due by April 17th, 2024


There are two alumni awards:


The St. Paul Alumni Award

honors former SPIRITUS missionaries who continue to:

  • Spread a love for Jesus and the Catholic faith

  • Humbly serve the Church as a leader and missionary disciple

  • Evangelize and disciple others bringing them into a deeper relationship with God

The St. Teresa Alumni Award

  • honors former SPIRITUS missionaries who:

  • Have the heart of a servant

  • 'Do small things with great love"

  • Show Christ's love to others through their work and family life


Let us prepare for your arrival!

How many people are staying at MTC?

Friday Night Alumni Reunion

Mount Tabor Center, 6:30 - 9:00 pm

This event is kid friendly.

Who is attending Friday night reunion?(Select all that apply)
Saturday Morning Activities
Not required:
Saturday Radiate Gala: Dress Code- Formal/ Cocktail

Thanks to a generous sponsor all alumni tickets are paid for ($100 / Ticket) 

Spouse/ or plus one tickets: $50 / Tickets

All others: $100 / Ticket

Who will attend the gala? (Select all that apply)

*Registration for the gala will be on the next page after the "register" button is selected. *

The Gala is an adult only event. Nursing infants are welcome to attend with their mothers and we are offering free childcare for children ages 0 and up. Tabor Tot Care starts on Saturday from 3:00 pm and ends after the gala at 11:00 pm.

Toni Rudiger will be in contact with you if you are interested in registering your child. 

Sunday Brunch

From 9:00 - 11:00 am, open house style brunch is available!

Any questions contact: 

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