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St. Paul Circle

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The St. Paul Circle is a group of dedicated supporters who commit to giving on a monthly or quarterly basis. Their recurring contributions are gifts of faith, hope, and love for the young people that SPIRITUS serves. Together, we inspire thousands of Catholic youth and form leaders for the Church!

Why You Should Join the St. Paul Circle

Your monthly or quarterly gift isn’t just a donation; it is:


  • leading thousands of youth each year to encounter the love of God.

  • sharing hope in the midst of the anxiety, stress, and loneliness so many young people face.

  • forming new, faith-filled leaders for the Church.

  • Providing opportunities for young adults to discern religious life or priesthood.


As a member of the St. Paul Circle:

  • You will receive the monthly SPIRITUS Connect e-newsletter early.

  • You will receive special recognition at events held at our center.

  • Your intentions will be remembered by the missionaries.

Your Impact

Every gift towards SPIRITUS makes a difference in the lives of the youth we inspire and the young adults we form as leaders.  


$15/ Month

Retreat Supplies

Provide retreat supplies for 50 students


$50/ Month

Retreat Scholarships

Send 20 students on a SPIRITUS Retreat


$100/ Month

Missionary Training

Fund 12 hours of training a month for missionaries

Automatic Withdrawal Authorizaton Agreement Form
or pay by Bank Withdrawal:
Bank Withdrawal

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments are frequently used in place of paper-based payment methods—like checks and cash—to make transactions faster and safer.

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Automatic Withdrawal Authorization Agreement Form

Thank you for choosing the Mount Tabor Center, Inc. /SPIRITUS Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payment Plan! Please fill out this form completely. You are authorizing a recurring withdrawal to be made directly from your checking or savings account. If any of these payment dates fall on a weekend or holiday, the withdrawal will be made on the next business day. Proof of payment will appear on your bank statement. Thank You!

Donor Information:
Your Bank Information:
Choose one:
Payment Terms:
Frequency of Withdrawal
Date of Withdrawal

(if not selected, the 15th will be used)

This agreement will be ongoing and continue until the Responsible Party terminates the Agreement. The Responsible Party has the right and responsibility to contact the Mount Tabor Center, Inc. with changes to their bank account information.  As the Responsible Party, I authorize Mount Tabor Center, Inc. and the financial institution named above to initiate withdrawals from my checking/savings account listed or any subsequent account provided. I can stop payment of any entry by notifying Mount Tabor Center, Inc. at least 5 business days before my account is to be debited.

Thanks for joining the St. Paul Circle! Your donation request has been submitted.

If you have any questions please reach out to Jackie or call 920-772-8918

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