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Director of Discipleship

Mike Iversen

(920) 722-8918

Ext. 5

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I love to reach others with the message of God’s Amazing love. Through my time in ministry, I have had the privilege to witness over 10,000 unchurched young people commit their lives to Christ. I have been married to my lovely wife Kate since 2001, and we have three wonderful teenage/young adult children. I was an ordained Protestant pastor until 2009, when my family and I were confronted with the truth that God’s Church is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, and can only be found in the Catholic Faith. We came into Full Communion with the Church later that year and haven’t looked back. I have been working full-time in the Church and Apostolates since 2005, most recently serving at parishes in Colorado and Wisconsin as Director of Faith Formation and Discipleship. I am passionate about teaching and discipleship, particularly in the context of relational ministry. I look forward to meeting you and grabbing a cup of coffee to talk about faith and life and our place in the Kingdom of God!

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